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Which Equity Funds?
Searching for the right equity funds? You could choose yourself from thousands of schemes across large-cap and mid-cap funds, exchange-traded funds, sector funds, theme funds, index funds Or you could simply rely on our recommendation
Which Fixed Income ?
There is much more to fixed income beyond bank FDs: government bonds, debt mutual funds, Gilt funds, liquid funds, corporate FDs, corporate bonds, tax-free bonds But don't land up with low returns or a loss on your fixed income investments. Invest in the right fixed-income products with our help.
Which Stocks?
Buy high quality stocks backed by methodical research that beat even the top mutual funds. Lion stockletter is included in the MAS package.
Investools for Every Goal
Simple but highly sophisticated tools for Wealth building, Investing for specific needs, Investing Lumpsum Restructuring existing investments. The tools not only allocate your money methodically but also use a proprietary formula to invest more as the market falls and less as the market rises.
Recommended Health Insurance
Which Critical Illness plan, which personal accident plan, which top-up/super-top up, which mediclaim with maternity Benefits and which mediclaim for individuals & floater plans? All the answers are here. Choose the option that is best suited to your specific condition through the Health Insurance Selector Tool
Recommended Life Insurance
Life insurance products come in dozens of different variants and leave you all confused. Many are harmful. Our research will help you make the right choices. We do not recommend insurance-cum-investment products
Free accident Insurance of Rs2.5 lakhs
Included in the MAS package is free accident insurance plan worth Rs2.5 lakhs which will cover, Accidental Death Benefit, Permanent Total Disability, Children education welfare fund for dependent children and other benefits
Insurance Surrender Tool
Stuck in the wrong the life insurance product like ULIPs, Endowment and Moneyback Plans? Use our tool to know when to surrender
Save Tax
Tax Saving Tool
As a salaried individual and self-employed professional are you saving all the tax that you are entitled to from your Deductible Expenses and Tax-saving investments? Use this tool to find out and take action to save tax
Tax-proof Investing Through Relatives
Want to transfer your assets to family members to lower your tax burden in a legal way? Use this tool for the correct guidance about tax rules for investing in the name of relatives.
Capital Gains Tax tool
Use this tool to calculate your capital gain on investments in debt mutual funds, equity mutual funds, stocks, gold and property. All you need to do is select the asset category, enter the prices and dates. The tool will do the rest
Moneylife Magazine
Many financial products are harmful or irrelevant. But consumers get to know it only if the media does unbiased research and conveys it frankly. Well, we don't beat about the bush. We call a spade a spade. 1 year's Online Magazine subscription is included in the MAS package.
Online Handbook - Your Money Life
A complete online guide on every aspect of personal finance -- from annuities and bank accounts to Wills and zero-coupon bonds all in the form of common questions and answers
Product Reviews
Unbiased reviews of every financial product in the public domain -- be it life insurance, health insurance, bond funds, equity funds, tax-free bonds and so on. This section will keep you completely updated all the time with full archival access.
One-one-one Online Expert Handholding
If you follow our recommendations you can avoid harmful financial products, stay protected and grow wealth. But should you have any query about your financial condition ask on a one-on-one basis, including our view of your existing portfolio, just ask us.
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  • We hold your hand all through
Fiercely Pro-consumer
  • We are not a stockbrokers pushing tips
  • We are not a distributor out to sell products
  • Honest opinions about financial products
  • Unbiased solutions backed by ethical research
Protection from Mis-selling
  • No commissions
  • No churning
  • No incentives-driven sales
  • You are not a quarterly sales target
  • You are protected from mis-selling
"Thanks a ton. This was one of the best advice I have ever got."
- Vaibhav Pandey
"Thank you once again for the help provided in getting back the money wrongly deducted from my account
- Samuel Davis
"Such a elaborate answer settles all queries. Thanks a lot for guiding. No words.
- Avinash Bhosale (Jalgaon)
I have carefully observed the actions and advice, articles , videos from Moneylife. I am convinced I can trust Moneylife and people associated with it.
- Anand Vaidya (Mysore)
Thanks for your prompt and clearcut advice
- ST Patil (Hubli)
I am impressed and very happy to be a member of MAS.I never expected that you will go to this extent. Million thanks to you and your team, who took pains to reply to my questions
- Vijay Huddar (Bangalore)
One of the best offers of the millennia! Subscribe to the package. I was a young saver to take full advantage of MSSN.
- Laxmi Lobo (Mumbai)
I became an MAS member the day it was launched. Based on my experience I strongly recommend MSSN to everyone. Financial markets is full of mis-selling. MAS stands as a ray of hope to guide citizens on right path. MAS offers specific solution for every individual on the basis of their profile viz. age, dependents, income etc. at a very low cost. I leave my personal finance management issues & worries on MAS team. In fact I gift MSSN subscription to my friends and acquittance as I feel it can dramatically improve their personal finance. I look forward to a lifelong association with MSSN.
- Dharmesh Sampat (Mumbai)
I have been using several financial advisory publications and research material since 1992. Based on my 23 years of experience, Moneylife MSSN is the best financial advisory services available at below reasonable price. In my opinion Moneylife is India's no.1 trusted brand for financial advice. Their reports are simple and highly rewarding. MAS is a one stop solution for all your financial planning. My sincere thanks to MSSN team for transforming the life of savers.
- Mohd. Tahir Sayed (Mumbai)
It's been over a year that I have been a MAS member. Earlier I had taken advice from a leading Financial Planner who had charged Rs.25,000/- for a year. Since I have become a MAS member I can now devote full time to my family in holidays, my wife is not bothered of how and where to invest the money thanks to Investool. Any doubts regarding financial matters we simply put our question in handholding section. All in all it has been a boon to me and I highly recommend to my sea going friends, who I feel are sitting ducks for insurance agents and wealth managers.
- Dinesh Acharya
Thank you very much......Frankly speaking , I was not expecting such elaborative answer. I am amazed by your commitment. Really thanks. :)
- Vijay Gote (Pune)
Thank you for all the unbiased help and advice you have given me. Super Glad that I enrolled with moneylife. :)
- Vinayak Purushothaman(Mumbai)
Dear Team, I am happy. I've always got good guidance from Moneylife on various matters. Thanks Moneylife Smartsaver Team.
- Suhas Sonvalkar(Navi Mumbai)
Moneylife Magazine and MSSN have helped me immensely over the past several months towards buying quality stocks, insurance, investments and financial literacy. I highly recommend Moneylife.
- Vishal Bhuta(Mumbai)
Dear ML Team, I must appreciate your quick and detailed explanation to the queries that I post. Some of the queries may seem primitive but I dont think there is anyone better equipped to handle them than ML. Many thanks, Mahesh
- Mahesh Tennati(Hyderabad)
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