Pricing Guide for Advisory Service
Every subscriber gets access to the common package plus the optional ones chosen
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common package with 6 features
- Moneylife Online Magazine
- Handbook: Your Money Life
- Unbiased Product Reviews
Free Accident Insurance
- Accident cover of Rs2.5 lakh
- Death Benefit
- Permanent Total Disability
- Education welfare fund for dependent children
Fixed income Recommendations:
- Which bank FD
- Which debt funds?
- Which liquid funds?
- Which other fixed income?
Save Tax
- Save Tax Fully
- Tax-proof Investing through Relatives
- Capital gains tax tool
Short-term Investool
- For investments of less than 5 years
- Useful for both monthly and lumpsum investments
- When the equity market is undervalued equity funds recommended to enhance returns
- One-on-one online confidential financial advice.
- Get a quick view from us on your existing stocks/funds
- You can ask questions only related to the package/s chosen
- Please read the guidelines here before subscribing
Optional packages: choose at least one
Please note you cannot add/ delete/ change a package once subscribed. Price includes GST.

"Thanks a ton. This was one of the best advice I have ever got."
- Vaibhav Pandey
"Thank you once again for the help provided in getting back the money wrongly deducted from my account
- Samuel Davis
"Such a elaborate answer settles all queries. Thanks a lot for guiding. No words.
- Avinash Bhosale (Jalgaon)
I have carefully observed the actions and advice, articles , videos from Moneylife. I am convinced I can trust Moneylife and people associated with it.
- Anand Vaidya (Mysore)
Our Pricing Approach
Anybody who has some understanding of the financial markets know that financial consumers are simply sales targets of financial companies and victims of wrong or untested advice and harmful products. However, because of lack of time, technical nature of financial products, consumers cannot do it all by themselves. They need unbiased help and continuous support. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to be guided
by stockbrokers, distributors, insurance agents, relationship managers, online aggregators, portals, or the media.

We have a mission to change this dismal situation by offering you a financial advisory service that just works for your benefit. And we want it offer it a price that is of enormous value for you. So we have set our pricing at a low level so that more and more people can benefit.

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