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Pricing Guide Complete Financial Planning Service

Common Package
Optional Package


  • Moneylife Online Magazine
  • Handbook: Your Moneylife
  • Unbiased Product Reviews


  • Accident cover of Rs2.5 lakh
  • Death Benefit
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Education welfare fund for dependent children

Recommendations for

Fixed Income

  • Which bank FD
  • Which debt funds?
  • Which liquid funds?
  • Which other fixed income?

Save Tax

  • Save Tax Fully
  • Tax-proof Investing through Relatives
  • Capital gains tax tool
  • ELSS SIP Tool


  • For investments of less than 5 years
  • Useful for both monthly and lumpsum investments
  • When the equity market is undervalued equity funds recommended to enhance returns


  • One-on-one online confidential financial advice.
  • Get a quick view from us on your existing stocks/funds
  • You can ask questions only related to the package/s chosen
  • Please read the guidelines here before subscribing

Recommendations for

Equity MF

  • Large cap and Multi-cap schemes
  • Mid-cap Funds schemes
  • Arbitrage Funds

We do not recommend foreign, sector, balanced & hybrid funds

Add Equity MF with



Put your monthly savings into fixed income and equity funds for long-term goals:

  • Wealth building
  • Specific Goals like education, marriage
  • Lumpsum

Recommendations for


  • Lion Stockletter
  • SIP/Lumpsum tool for Lion stocks

Want to buy only stockletters? Please visit

Add Stocks with



Put your monthly savings into fixed income and lion stocks for long-term goals:

  • Wealth building
  • Specific Goals like education, marriage
  • Lumpsum



  • Restructuring tool
  • Recommendations to equity funds and Lion stockletter
  • Investools for both equity funds and stocks
  • SIP tool for stocks

Recommendations for


Health InsuranceLife Insurance
  • Mediclaims
  • Critical Illness Plan
  • Accident Insurance
  • Top Up/Super Top Up
  • Health Insurance Selector Tool
  • Term Plan Recommendations
  • Insurance Surrender Tool

Common Package 1770
Please note you cannot add/delete/change a package once subscribed. Price includes GST.

Your Choices
Equity MF 1180 + Investools 1180
Stocks 4248 + Investools 1180
Equity MF 1180 + Investools 1180 + Stocks 4248 + Investools 1180 = Restructuring 6313
Insurance 1770
Total 1770
Optional Packages: Choose at least one


Anybody who has some understanding of the financial markets know that financial consumers are simply sales targets of financial companies and victims of wrong or untested advice and harmful products. However, because of lack of time, technical nature of financial products, consumers cannot do it all by themselves. They need unbiased help and continuous support. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to be guided by stockbrokers, distributors, insurance agents, relationship managers, online aggregators, portals, or the media.
We have a mission to change this dismal situation by offering you a financial advisory service that just works for your benefit. And we want it offer it a price that is of enormous value for you. So we have set our pricing at a low level so that more and more people can benefit.



Please check this link.

There is no such product in the market, which offer unbiased advice on all your financial needs backed by over a decade of deep methodical research, combined with the finest personal finance magazine.

As mentioned, there are no comprehensive advisory products to help you know and help you do, covering fixed income, mutual funds, stocks and insurance


You must fully read the following sections:
FAQ for the service
FAQ for stockletters
Guidelines for asking questions
Terms and Policy


If you are an existing subscriber of the magazine or lion stockletter, you will have to pay for MAS and your subscription period will be extended with the credit balance available with us on your existing subscriptions.

No, it is a yearly subscription. You cannot pay on a monthly basis.

The membership is for fixed periods and not extendable.

This facility is currently not available. You cannot add another package for part of the one-year period.

Subscription to the Optional packages of Stocks or Restructuring include only the LION Stockletter and its SIP Tool.
You will need to subscribe for the other stockletters separately from here

Only Lion is part of MAS. Panther and Antelope are not part of MAS. You need to buy them separately.


No, we would like to be fully accountable for what we suggest. Hence we would request our subscribers to use the hand holding platform so that we that both you and us have a complete record of all your questions and our advice that can be easily verified later.

No, Moneylife magazine is not a print publication anymore. You will get access only to the digital content of the magazine.

No, Moneylife magazine is not a print publication anymore. MAS subscribers get access to Moneylife online magazine.

Yes. Everyone will get access to the magazine on the site.

No, these services are performed by insurance agents for which they charge commissions. We are not insurance agents. We research and offer recommendations of the right insurance products.

No. Tax queries are not part of the investment advisory service


People from all age groups can join MAS. You may be single or married, with or without children or approaching retirement. If you are in need of protection through insurance, or in need of savings to be deployed methodically, MAS would be useful for you. The Subscription to MAS is meant for a single user.

Yes, you can. Indeed, this service would be of great benefit to you.


You can pay online by net banking or credit / debit card here We prefer an online payment because your account gets automatically created.

You can send a Demand Draft / Cheque in the name of MONEYLIFE ADVISORY SERVICES PVT LTD and courier/post it to our Subscription Department at., Moneylife Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

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OR, you can also deposit cash / cheque into our account or also do a Direct NEFT Transfer.

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Kindly do write to us at [email protected] as and when you deposit the amount so that we can keep track and confirm the receipt of your payments and guide you further on the pending offline process accordingly

Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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