HDFC Life To Refund Premium after 96% Loss

The case highlights that the ‘generic benefit illustration’ which insurers gave in the past was a perfect mis-selling tool


Why We Suggest Only Online Term Plans

The importance of life insurance is undeniable in our lives. The death of the breadwinner can create havoc emotionally and financially. Life...


What would be your return from traditional policies?

A lot of people buy traditional insurance plans such as endowment plans. Have you thought of calculating returns on such plans, especially since you...


Surrendering insurance? Think of the tax-angle

The Finance Bill of 2012 has made it mandatory that the sum assured should be 10 times the annual premium (the earlier limit was five times) for life...


Life Insurance: Protecting wisely

It is good to see a host of life insurance companies actually talking about the features of their insurance products. All these years, their high...


Surrendering pension products? Prepare to pay taxes irrespective of when you surrender

If you surrender a pension product anytime before maturity, will it mean that you will have to give back the tax deduction you had claimed?


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