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-Product Features & Benefits

What is Moneylife Advisory Services?
Moneylife Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor (registration no: INA000003429).

For financial consumers, who need customised help, Moneylife Advisory Services provides ethical and effective advice on insurance, investment, taxes and financial planning backed by a decade of rigorous, unbiased research.

What are the core benefits of being part of MAS?
This is the place to Fix Your Finances, forever. You get to handle your investments and insurance with the greatest ease because we are doing all the hard work of sifting and selecting for you. The main problem with financial products is lack of accountability. The agent, the distributor or the wealth manager may sell you a product that looks good today and carries a lot of promises, but may not deliver. Mutual funds lose a lot of value, insurance claims are not met, corporate fixed deposits not being returned and so on. If you follow our recommendations, you can stay out of harmful financial products sold to you through false promises and deception, and grow you wealth peacefully.

What exactly do I get from this service?
MAS offers you financial planning and solution and you really need.

The following six features are common for all premium subscribers.
1. Free Accident Insurance
- Death Benefit
- Permanent Total Disability..
- Education welfare fund for dependent children

2. Learn
- Moneylife Online Magazine
- Product Reviews
- Handbook, Your Money Life

3. Fixed Income Recommendations
- Which bank FD
- Which debt funds?
- Which liquid funds?
- Which other fixed income?

4. Short-term Investool

5. Tax Saving Tools
- Tax-proof Investing through Relatives
- Capital gains tax tool

6. Ask
- Ask any question on a confidential basis
- Portfolio Review

The following comes as part of optional packages
1. Equity Fund Recommendations Package
- Large-cap funds
- Mid-cap funds
We do not recommend foreign, sector, balanced & hybrid funds

Add-on Investools for:
- Wealth building
- Investing for specific needs
- Investing Lumpsum

2. Lion Stockletter Package (with SIP/Lumpsum tool)
Add-on Investools for:
- Wealth building
- Investing for specific needs
- Investing Lumpsum

3. Restructuring Package
You can fix your investment portfolio with the help of our advisors. You get automatic access to mutual fund and stock recommendation and investools mentioned above.

4. Insurance Package
Health Insurance Recommendations & Tools
- Which Mediclaim with or without floater?
- Which Medicaim with Maternity Benefits?
- Which Critical Illness Plan
- Which Accident Insurance?
- Which top up/super top up?
- Health Insurance Selector Tool

Life Insurance Recommendations & Tools
- Term Plan Recommendations
- Insurance Surrender Tool
Please note you cannot add / delete a package once subscribed

What You Don't Get
- Advice on real estate & alternative investments art, wine etc.
- Advanced income tax advice and consultation.
- Drafting of legal documents like will, HUF, gift deed, etc.

If I don't become an MAS member what do I miss?
You miss the freedom from financial worries and deprive yourself the benefit of accumulating wealth in a systematic manner, bearing lesser risk. You miss using the InvesTool that is not available anywhere else. You miss the best research on insurance. You miss continuous online support, a great solution for the average saver, given how rampant mis-selling and wrong information, is.

Who can join MAS?
People from all age groups can join MAS. You may be single or married, with or without children or approaching retirement. If you are in need of protection through insurance, or in need of savings to be deployed methodically, MAS would be useful for you.

I am an NRI. Can I join?
Yes, you can. Indeed, this service would be of great benefit to you, if you wish to buy Indian financial products.

Can I also ask queries relating to tax?
No. Tax queries are not part of the investment advisory service

+Why MAS?
+MAS's Uniqueness
+MAS's No-commission Model
+Whom is this Service for?
+Optional Packages – What’s included and what’s not?
+Insurance Plans
+Mutual Fund Investments
+Processes & Operations


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