What are super top ups?

What is the use of top-up and super top-up? It is one way to get additional health insurance cover. If you were to buy a separate cover, it may be too expensive. A top-up plan provides an additional cover to add to your existing cover in a very economical way. The thing to note here is an amount called the ‘threshold level’, also known as ‘compulsory deductible’ amount. This is the level above which the top-up can be utilised to pay for the expenses.

Supposed for Rs10 lakh top-up amount the compulsory deductible amount is Rs3 lakh. The top-up amount will pay only for expenses that go above Rs3 lakh up to Rs10 lakh. Super top-up is also like a top-up policy. The difference between the two is that in the case of a top-up policy the expenses for a single treatment should be over the threshold, whereas in a super top-up the total expenses in a year must be above the threshold level for the policy to be effective. Thus, between the two, super top-up is more beneficial for you.




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