ICICI Bank launches voice banking services on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

ICICI Bank announced that it has integrated its AI powered multi-channel chatbot, ‘iPal’, with voice assistant apps--Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-- to enable its retail banking customers to undertake an array of banking services with just a simple voice command. 
To get the benefit of the voice banking offering, customers need to download the Alexa / Google Assistant and link their ICICI Bank account through a secure two factor authentication process. 
They can then simply speak out their query to Alexa / Google Assistant enabled devices to check their savings account balance and credit card details including due date, due amount and last five transactions. For example, the customer can ask “Alexa, what is my account balance?”. Then, the Bank sends the information privately and securely via an SMS to the customer’s mobile number registered with the Bank.
Additionally, they can ask queries related to the Bank’s products and services, which ‘iPal’ will read out aloud through the Alexa / Google Assistant enabled devices.



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