High Court raps woman who filed pleas over 20 years

The Bombay High Court has put a stop to her litigations of a Sion resident aged 64 years, who filed a number of petitions over the property of Deepak Patel, who died in 1996. She claimed at various times to be his caretaker and then his wife. Her latest petition was dismissed by the Court for want of prosecution.

Patel’s children, who are in their 60s said the sole intention of the woman was to keep the petition she filed claiming to have a will of the man pending before the Courts. This was so that she could enjoy the benefits of the property.

Deepak Patel had died in 1996 and Seema Patel filed the petition seeking probate of his will before a Thane court. This was kept pending for 13 years, before she withdrew it in 2010. She kept delaying the case by either changing lawyers or not appearing despite undertakings. In May 2014, the High Court dismissed her new petition for want of prosecution. She moved the Court seeking that the case be restored again. But the Court refused to oblige pointing to her conduct.



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