Cashless Tolls in Delhi From September 13

The Supreme Court-mandated Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) and South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) have announced that no commercial vehicle would be allowed to enter Delhi through the 13 RFID-enabled toll plazas after September 13 if they try to pay toll in cash. Till now only 547 of the over 3 lakh tags sold to commercial vehicles have been recharged with cash.
EPCA and SDMC have jointly launched a website which will help people register for RFID tags, thereby reducing the length of queues at point-of-sale (PoS) counters, while also allowing for speedy recharge. 
“The idea behind RFID was cashless transactions and reduction in waiting time at the toll plaza to 2-3 seconds. However, those who have bought the tags haven’t recharged them. No vehicles will be allowed entry after September 13 unless they have recharged their tags,” said EPCA chairman Bhure Lal. 
Apparently, the length of queues to get RFID tags had reduced considerably after an email address was issued for drivers to send their details. The website has been created to reduce the rush at toll points. Once a driver get an SMS, he can collect the RFID tag from the toll plaza. 
The new website has three portals — one for pre-registration, one for consumers and the third for POS. For pre-registration, customers will be required to mention the type of firm, name, mobile number and email ID and details like the type of vehicle and fuel, registration number and insurance. 
The uploaded documents will be reviewed and the RFID tag issued in a few days. The problem being faced at POS points or through email is customers either providing half the information or leaving out certain documents. The website forces one to enter all the required information. One cannot proceed without it. 
Apart from the website, people can register for and recharge the tags at the toll plazas and 28 POS points. Users can buy a monthly pass at these points.



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