1 In 5 Customers received a fake product from an e-commerce site during past 6 months

While Indian consumers are increasingly turning to ecommerce sites for the convenience of making purchases and the discounts they offer, one in every five customers did receive fake products in the past six months, reveals a survey. While 19% consumers admit to receiving a fake product from ecommerce sites in the last six months, majority, however, still do not know how to identify a counterfeit.  
LocalCircles, a social media platform conducted the survey, which saw participation by over 27,000 unique consumers from over 200 districts from across India. Some of the consumers on the platform have also raised a strong concern suggesting that some ecommerce sites not only tend to ignore counterfeit sellers but promote such sellers as it allows them to offer the big discounts. Genuine products of international brands cannot afford to be sold at 50-80% off, according to many consumers.
According to the Survey, about 35% had received counterfeit products in fragrances and perfumes category while 8% got fake bags. Around 22% had received counterfeit sporting goods while 35% got fake cosmetic products from ecommerce sites.
About 19% consumers in the first question admitted to having received a counterfeit or fake product from an ecommerce site in the last 6 months, while 57% denied it. About 24% said they were unsure about it.
The Drug Controller General of India recently issued notices to leading ecommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart for allegedly selling spurious and adulterated cosmetics, mainly imported brands, some of which contain harmful ingredients, which could be harmful for humans.
Consumers who had received counterfeit products in the past, also identified the categories in which they received the most fake products in the last six months. Around 35% said fragrances & perfumes and 8% said bags. Around 22% said sporting goods while 35% said cosmetics.
LocalCircles says it will be submitting a version of this report, the aggregated consumer complaints received and the solution recommendations to the department of consumer affairs under the ministry of commerce and other government departments based on their nature.



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