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Drawing upon our successful experience with Portfolio Management Service, launched in December 2019, we have launched Assisted Portfolio, which will offer a filtered list of high quality stocks (and equity funds, if needed) . AP will be similar to Portfolio Management Service; the only difference is you will have to do the transactions yourself and the assets stay with you unlike PMS where we execute the transactions and assets are held by the custodian. The AP process is as follows:

Step 1. Free Portfolio Analysis: : Create an account and share you investment portfolio with us. We will compare your stocks against our model portfolio and offer our opinion on your stocks for free. Please note, this would be just an opinion on the stocks from a research perspective and not investment advice as defined by SEBI. You choose to act or not act on our opinions. After this, you are ready to onboard with your remaining stocks and or cash and invest in our model portfolio.

Step 2. Payment: We will raise an appropriate invoice based on the current value of your Assets. Pay our annual fees in advance.

GST at 18% will be additional.
Step 3. Implement: You can start implementing our research and share the details with us.

Step 4. Tracking and Monitoring: We will suggest changes to the model portfolio when needed.

The reasons we have launched AP is:
1. Clients have bought multiple stockletters and found it hard to implement the many recommendations 2. We have no control over what they do and so we cannot actually “deliver” the results of our recommendations.
3. To make it effective, we can offer execution and tracking for stockletter subscribers. But even after this, the two points above will not be addressed.
4. Hence, the recommendations were not executed in practice.

Background: On 3rd July 2020, Securities & Exchange Board of India released amendments to Investment Advisory regulations, following a discussion paper earlier this year. Subsequently, on 23rd September, it has come with even more changes, which deeply impact all advisors. This will mean changes to our business model. We are planning to split our service into two: Assisted Portfolio (AP) for stocks and Do-It-Yourself Portfolio (DIYP), to be renamed Money360, for stocks and equity funds, through automated tools. The changes to the existing model to DIYP will take some time. We will alert you when we have finalised the changes. The stockletters will continue as before.

With these changes, we will have four offerings to suit any investor: AP, Money360, Stockletters and PMS. The following table explains the differences between the various services we are offering:

If you are interested in exploring this further, please do email us at [email protected] with “Interested in AP” as the subject line. Before engaging with us, please do read the FAQ in detail and also AP Guidelines.

-Need for this service and process
For whom is it meant for?
This service is meant for those who are familiar with the significant upside and downward risks, associated with investing in stocks, especially since we recommend a concentrated portfolio. It is suitable for an aggressive investor, who is ready to take such risks while aiming for long-term capital growth and can tolerate substantial fluctuations in the short-term

Why have you launched this service?
In our interaction with clients, we noticed that many subscribers go for multiple subscriptions of stockletters and end up making the following mistakes:
  • Selecting stocks according to their fancy, especially avoiding high-growth, high valuation stocks
  • Not buying all the stocks we have recommended
  • Buying in the wrong proportion
  • Not selling at the right time.

So, their investment results diverge widely from the optimum. Hence, our recommendations remain on paper, not what is executed in practice. This is why, despite getting the same recommendation, every subscriber gets a different return. Assisted Portfolio (AP) will try to remove the lacuna. If you are confident of following our Stockletter recommendations with the correct weights / exposure, entries and exits you will not need this service.

The two most important features of AP are:
  1. We will alert you about execution. This is being done manually now but will be automated.
  2. Offer a filtered and specially selected model portfolio from the stock selections across our stockletters, with cash calls.

How will you deliver the recommendations?
It will be through the Ask Us forum. When we post a recommendation, you will get an email alert with a link to the site.

Why do we prefer recommending stocks and not funds?
Because we have control over our actions. Hence, returns from stocks are likely to be higher. We have no control over the actions of mutual funds.

Will the recommendations be weekly?
The need to change the portfolio will be based on external events and buy and sell signals generated. It can be in the middle of the week or there may be no recommendations for weeks.

+What is included and not included?
+Fees & Minimum Investment


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